Completing Your Training And Assessment Courses To Get Certificates

Assessment Courses

Completing training and assessment courses online can help develop skills in designing and delivering:

  • learning programs
  • planning assessment
  • assessing competence
  • facilitating workplace learning
  • providing work skill instruction

At, you may take the TAE programs and get Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The course offers Training and qualifications solutions for trainers in the following:

  • VET industry
  • Corporations and
  • Not-for-profit organizations

 Fortress Learning

Take TAE courses

Many TAE students find the course difficult as it includes many highly qualified people with Doctoral Degrees and Master’s Degrees. More students are complaining about the difficulty of this course because of the change. The revised TAE training takes place in 2016, which means many students did not continue the course, which is considerable.

But, they should understand that the change should not be a hindrance to dropping the course. TAE40110 was replaced by the revised course TAE40116. The new course has 9 core subjects and 1 elective, instead of the old one that has 7 core subjects and 3 electives.

The revised core subjects are:

  1. Design and develop assessment tools
  2. Address adult language, literacy, and numeracy skills

For the core subjects, Participate in assessment validation and Plan assessment activities and processes; there are new performance and elements criteria. More assessments are required in these subjects and in the Assess competence subject.

People with the old TAE qualifications need to consider updating their skills. Choose an approved RTO to offer the new qualifications. Fortress learning was one of the first training organizations accredited to deliver the revised TAE courses.

What is the profession upon completing the TAE course?

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment prepares professionals to become trainers/teachers in the VET (Vocational Education And Training) industry. Successful completion of the course is a requirement of the SRTO as a trainer and assessor of the recognized accredit learning. You may gain the knowledge and skills required for delivering training to adults, design training programs and assessments, and assess competency.

The course will cover the statutory framework of:

  • vocational education
  • principles of adult learning
  • unpacking a training package
  • designing quality assessment

If you are planning to become an assessor, complete the course and you will become one.

What is an assessor?

An assessor assesses and supports students working towards vocational qualifications in the training center, college, or workplace. The job of the assessor is to ensure that the trainees meet the occupational standards as a requirement to achieve the qualifications. Also, many assessors are involved in both assessing and teaching.

If you plan to take the course, you may enroll at Fortress Learning. Taking the course is not expensive. Since you are taking this course to support your plan of becoming a teacher, a trainer, or an assessor, you only have to take this course as a supporting certificate for qualifying for the profession.