Family owned and operated Services and Amenities for Children

Family owned and operated Services and Amenities for Children

Child care has been given a new lease on life. Child care has taken on a new role as more parents are forced to have a two-income home to make ends meet. The number of daycare options has exploded. Today, there are so many options available as part of a child care package that it’s almost like purchasing from an ala carte menu. Click here for more details.  Some services are provided simply for the convenience of parents, while others are provided solely for the entertainment of children.

Services of Pick-Up

Child care has become a highly competitive market. Many child care providers have added new services to their repertoire to keep up with the competition. The pickup service is one of the most popular services among parents. It is mostly a service for older children. The child will be picked up from school or delivered to their activities and then returned to the daycare provider. It’s similar to a kid-friendly taxi service. Some daycare centers will pick up your child from home and drop them off after work hours, saving you time in the morning and evening.

Art, sports, and music

Certain daycare centers are targeted on a specific activity, similar to magnet schools. For instance, if you like your kids to be surrounded by music from a young age, child care centers specialize in teaching music to youngsters. If you want your child to participate in sports, you can be sure that you will discover a daycare center that focuses on teaching sports from a young age. Some care providers cover all of these disciplines, including art, math, and science. There are also some centers dedicated to language instruction.

Swimming pools, gyms, and specialty foods are all available.

Swimming classes in their pools, fully equipped mini gyms, and foods tailored to certain diets are just a few features that many daycare centers provide. Parents can afford to spend a lot of money so that their little angels can learn to swim from birth, play in sophisticated play spaces, and be fed the best meals available. This institution does not serve peanut butter and jelly but organically farmed meals presented appealingly to children ready to try new things.


The list of what daycare centers are offering nowadays to attract customers goes on and on. There are a variety of particular activities and amenities focused on making everyone happy and satisfied with their daycare scenario. is a state-licensed Chandler daycare center with a 9,000-square-foot playground and cutting-edge safety equipment. We understand that every parent’s primary concern is their child’s safety and well-being, and that is why, for more than a year, we have been known for delivering competent child care in a safe and secure atmosphere.