IB Tutor: The Best Tutoring For IBDP

Best Tutoring For IBDP

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a curriculum internationally accepted which students usually commence from their second to the last year of their high school. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme enables students to apply to any university of their choice across the world. An IBDP involves the students taking up six subjects, and they also have three core requirements which they are required to complete simultaneously. The six subjects are chosen from six different groups, and the three cores are Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Action and Service (CAS).

Benefits of opting for iBDP?

Since IBDP is a globally recognized and accepted curriculum, the program is especially beneficial for students who dream of studying overseas. Given the value it holds, it’s understood that the program is not an easy one. It demands plenty of self-study and research, time management and excellent organisational skills. It is only natural in this case that IB students are considered to be more focused, better prepared and admirably disciplined.

IB scores are pretty important, considering that they are an important determining factor in college admissions. A perfect score in IB is considered to be 45. However, this can also not be denied that different colleges have different requirements and do different courses.

IB curriculum, instead of being theoretical is completely practical IBDP being an incredibly tough curriculum, explains why most of the IB students require help. This is the reason most of the students prefer to take IB tutoring. IB tutors have become popular recently who train the students for succeeding in their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.   Tutee.com the website address of which is https://www.tuttee.co/ibdp is the best IB tutor available online. Though the tutoring is provided online, offline classes are also taken.

Best Tutoring For IBDP

Perks of opting for IB tutors

  • Live Access for those Out performing Instructors.
  • Online as well as comprehensive offline resources
  • Specialized test series available online
  • Easy class schedule
  • Query sessions organisations
  • Recordings available for various courses

How could you contact them easily?

Tutee.com representatives can be reached at the following address.

2nd Floor, Yue on Commercial Bldg.

385-387 Lockhart Road

Causeway Bay, HK

(MTR Exit C)

School Reg No: 605018

School Policy

IB tutor have been popular worldwide, and there are students from a wide range of countries. Students from various institutions seek tutoring here, including

  • WIS West Island School
  • SPCC St. Pauls Co-Educational
  • SIS Singapore International
  • RCHK Renaissance College
  • LPC Li Po Chun United World College
  • KGV King George V School
  • IS Island School
  • HKIS Hong Kong International School
  • GSIS German Swiss International

Several various IBDP tutorials are available at IB tutors.

These are:

IB tutors have been very successful in acquiring excellent average IB scores.

The average overall score of students at IB tutors is 41 out of 45

  • Chemistry score is 6.8
  • Biology 6.6
  • Physics 6.1
  • Maths 6.5

Undoubtedly IB tutor is the best available online tutor for IBDP courses.