Teach Kids How To Type Using Keyboard With 5 Amazing Training Programs

Teach Kids How To Type Using Keyboard With 5 Amazing Training Programs

The computer is the most popular machine that most homes already have, giving children free access to the online and digital world. But the problem is, parents forget to teach their children the proper way of using the keyboard for a faster and more accurate typing. But do not worry! There are now applications and games where your kids will not only enjoy playing, but also learn techniques for fast-typing, proper hand placement, and also mastery of this skill.

KIDSTYPING – The TOP 5 Typing Training Program To Improve Typing

Enhancing a child’s computer skill is very important for him not to be left out with the high-speed innovation of today’s technology. So here are the most amazing games that you try with your kids to help improve their typing skills in the easiest way possible.

  • Dance Mat Typing. This is the most favored typing training program for kids who would love to learn how to touch-type. The dance-mat typing has 12 stages that are friendly for children of all ages with its child-friendly characters and challenging obstacles that can enhance your child’s skills. The game starts slowly where techniques will be taught like the correct positioning. It will then progress to a much difficult task and once you pass a stage, parents can print a certification to reward the child.

dance-mat typing

  • Keyboard Climber 2. For toddlers who are just starting to learn the alphabet, this is the best game for them. There is no timer so the kid can proceed at their own pace. The storyline is very interesting and it is about a money that got stuck on a cave and players have to jump over some rocks by letting the child hit the right key that appears on the screen.
  • The Typing Of The Ghosts. This is perfect for older kids who would like to explore the world of ghosts. The goal is to type the words as quickly as possible to prevent the ghosts in the background from touching you. This will enhance your child’s speed and accuracy.
  • Key-Man. If your child love’s Pac-Man, then this is an alternative to that. It has the classic arcade feel where the player navigates through the screen by pushing different letters that corresponds to the direction that the player wants to go. This is a fun game when you want to bond with your kids.
  • Key Seeker. This game is specifically designed for kids in the kindergarten or younger who is just starting to learn about the different letters of the alphabet. This is a simple matching game but the letters are color-coded, making it more challenging. The goal is to jit the key using the correct hand.

Training your child and honing their typing skills at a young age would be easier compared to teaching them when they are older. There’s no more need to hire a tutor, you can now train them at home, using these game suggestions listed above. So what are you waiting for? Visit Kidstyping today and find out the best game that would suit your child’s needs and interest.