The Best Ways to Learn Chinese Fast

learn chinese in suzhou

The world is getting smaller and smaller, so if you want to be a part of it, you will need to learn Chinese. After all, China is now the second largest economy in the world after the United States and China’s GDP is projected to exceed that of America by 2020. Moreover, China has one of the most dominant militaries in history and has proven itself not shy about flexing its muscles.


That means that if you want to make a living, advance your career, or live any sort of meaningful life at all, you will have no choice but to learn chinese in suzhou – whether you like it or not, Mandarin will soon dominate the international business.


But there are other reasons you need to learn Chinese. With nearly a billion people, there are millions of opportunities for you in China if you’re willing to go there. Of course, that’s assuming you can learn Chinese (which many people cannot). You cut yourself out of the picture when you don’t speak Mandarin.


And it’s worse than that. I know many people who would love to learn Chinese if they could speak it – but that’s not the case. I talk to them, and they tell me they have tried to study Mandarin and have failed miserably – and that was when they were trying to learn conversational Chinese.


When you go to China, you’ll run into many locals who don’t speak English. You’re going stand in long lines at the bank just like everyone else – and when a person finally gets up in front of you, he will pull out a notebook or a computer with Chinese characters written on it. 

learn chinese in suzhou There’s a good chance he’s looking for someone who can translate for him as he tries to find a way to call his bank so that his foreign bank card will work in the local ATM (that’s why you’re standing there in the first place). Chances are that guy doesn’t know how to type, and if you’re helping him, you’re just going to get fired – but he’ll never be happy.


Therefore, learning Chinese is critical – and you’ll have to go the right way about it. And we’re here to tell you that it’s not just a matter of opening up a textbook, learning grammar and some vocabulary, then having enough language to get by in Chinese.


That’s what most people do – they open up a textbook, learn the grammar and jump into conversational Chinese. They struggle for months or years before giving up, convinced that the language is too hard for them. But you will need something else.


In conclusion, you have to be ready to commit, set aside a certain amount of time every day and get out there with a Chinese language book. But before you go out and buy one, we suggest the following.


The first thing is that you must choose the suitable material. You have to be sure that the Chinese language book you choose will provide everything you need to learn Chinese properly – and when I say correctly, I mean easy and effective.


You’ll believe me when we say that this type of Chinese language learning material is hard to find – but once you get your foot in the door, it’s invaluable.