Tips for choosing the Right School for your Child

So, your child has finally reached the school-going age? Well, that is good news. Did you know that the type of school you choose for your child plays a significant role in their education, growth, and development? Early childhood education is vital to ensuring your child grows up morally upright.

Different schools adopt different modes of learning that may or may not be ideal for your child. Therefore, it is important to make the right considerations and pick the right Montessori preschool in Singapore for your child if you want them to get the best out of the books.

In this page, we give you some tips for finding the right school for your child to save you the hassle. Read through before taking that first step to register your child to the local school.

A four-step guide to choosing schools

1. Know more about your child needs

Specifying the needs of your child is the first step to finding an ideal school for the child. Trust me. You know more about the child than anyone does. This means that you can identify your child’s learning style and special needs. If your child likes to learn alone, then going for homeschool can be the best choice for him or her. If the child has special needs, then you might change your mind about the location of the school you register them.

2.  Find out more about the school

The second step is to gather more information about the different schools in your location. Do they offer what you are looking for your child? Ideally, you should rank each school you come across based on the following:

  • Safety: is your child safe to be in this school?
  • Curriculum and approach to learning
  • Academic performance; how the school compares with others in the county?
  • Behavior policy: does the school promote patriotism and morality?
  • Religion: what is the spiritual set up or religion of the school?
  • Available facilities: does the school have all the necessary facilities such as libraries and tutoring programs to enhance learning?

3. Find out how the school operates

If you are going to register your child to any school, then you must visit the school first. If you want to know more about the school’s culture, principal, teachers, students, reputation, and community involvement, then you should only visit them during the regular should hours. Note that there is laxity in schools when the term is just beginning or almost at the end. To find out more about the school, visit them during midterms.

4. Register your child to your favorite school

Now that you have chosen the right school for the child, you can apply to the school by submitting the required paperwork on time. Ideally, different schools have a different timeline for applications; you should check with the school administration before making your application. You can apply to at least two schools to improve your chances of getting some positive response.


As mentioned earlier, the choice of school is critical to your child’s education. You must ensure you get the right school to register your child. If you apply the tips given here, then you can be sure of enrolling your child to a school of their dreams.