What Do You Mean By Composition Writing?

composition course

Composition is nothing but an act of creating any written works.  It is a simple act of putting your thoughts and words in the readable text. But, there are many ways of writing composition.

Importance of Writing a Composition:

  • The composition writing will improve the students’ writing capability; it enhances the speaking and reading skill of a student. Speaking, reading and writing any language is very closely related to one another and thus, improvement in this will create a huge impact.
  • Writing Composition will allow the students to enhance their thinking and imagination skill and analyzing capability. Being the successful writer, students should have very good imagination skill, for that they have to improve this skill, and must start writing compositions on the regular basis. In order, to create the different types of the write ups, students require good amount of imagination skill.
  • Composition writing is the best way you can express your views and thoughts. With compositions, students will be able to communicate with each other and give message to our society.
  • Writing composition is an important tool in education, literacy, but very importantly communication! Writing composition allows students to convey their ideas, emotions, feeling, arguments, political views, opinions, and other types of communication.

composition course

How does Writing Composition Develop?

Writing composition can be learned through discovery, observation, and different strategies. Writing generally develops in following stages:

  • Scribbling
  • Drawing
  • Spelling
  • Letter forms

Different Kinds of the Composition Writing

There’re different kinds of composition and all of them follow certain rules. Understanding the topic, the student needs to choose the kind of composition or develop it accordingly. But, the four kinds of compositions like Exposition, Narration, Descriptive and Argumentation are mentioned. Exposition: This kind of composition writing explains any character or situation with complete analysis. Here, students put huge effort to make any situation clear to their readers.

Narration: This kind of composition will give readers the thorough experience of any event. It’s naturally explained and thus, it represents the impression about an entire event. What happened and complete process of an event is discussed clearly for better understanding of readers. Descriptive: The composition represents any kind of situation in the realistic way so readers will realize writers’ situation under same circumstance. This type of composition is made in a manner that the readers see and hear same thing what writers did. Argumentation: This composition type impacts on readers’ thoughts and feelings. This type of writing allows your readers to think again and change their opinion. Here, readers will get their argument that generally challenges their view on a few things. Students have to convince their readers with their view points.