Piano learning difficulties for adults

The reason most people give up or believe that learning to play piano as an adult is impossible is because they think it is unsuitable. By unsuitable, they actually refer to the different kinds of difficulties that may arise. It may be true to some extent. However, they are not enough to discourage an enthusiast from joining a piano class.

Let us take a look at some of these difficulties

1- Ageing

It is true that a human’s body changes with time. As we grow old, we are not as strong or vibrant as we were when we were young. However, there are other aspects of our body that grow stronger, like concentration and dedication. These other qualities are actually very helpful in learning piano.

2- Learning slow down

We may not be as good learners as adults as we were when we were young. However, keeping ourselves in a good and healthy condition can aid us in performing well. There is no proof that those who learn piano as adults cannot produce good music.

3- Missing the right period

People believe that there is a right period for developing an ear and talent for music. This is by all means untrue. Anyone who can practice and play the keys can learn piano. He can develop an ear for music and learn the scores just as properly as those who have learned early.

4- Don’t learn wrong

Unlearning is more difficult than learning. That is why it is important to learn things correctly right from the beginning. If as a child you learned some wrong pianoing practices, it is very much possible that you will find it difficult to unlearn them as an adult.

5- Procrastination

As children, our parents force us to learn and attend classes, whether it is piano or any other class. As adults, we have the choice whether to procrastinate or not. So we become lazy and simply stop learning or delay practicing as we please. So this is a real problem when it comes to learning piano as an adult.

6- Other works

Learning to play piano as an adult, we have more things to do. We have responsibilities and there are so many things we need to take care of that we put away our practice or learning for later. This later becomes never. As children, it is easy to remove time for piano practice and other activities.

7- Fewer practice venues

You will need to find special places to practice in order not to disturb others. So there are fewer places to practice as an adult. Children can go anywhere and practice anywhere without thinking about others.