Find your guide to buy golf items here!

Find your guide to buy golf items here!

Choosing your first golf clubs or new ones for your team can be a headache, as each of the brands on the market has very similar products and with very different prices.

For beginners, we will break down the types of golf clubs that exist, what their names are and in what situations you should use each one. In addition, we will tell you how to build the perfect set of clubs for each level and how many clubs you can carry in your bag when you go out into the field.

Golf clubs: choosing them well is essential for any golfer

Of course, playground flooring    we analyze the pros and cons of each of the brands of sticks that are on the market, so you know what you can expect from each one and what features their products offer.

Finally, we will give you advice when it comes to making used or second-hand golf clubs and we will show you what you have to do for the perfect care and maintenance of your golf clubs.

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Golf accessories: the complement that will make you improve in the field

Golf is a sport in which a significant amount of sports equipment is needed, as well as a bag and some golf clubs. Therefore, in this section we will give you all the relevant information about golf balls, tees, gloves, golf shoes and clothing for this sport.

In the world of golf, not even balls are a simple subject. The manufacturers of golf balls have dedicated themselves to experimenting with materials and manufacturing processes to obtain control or extra distance. We will tell you what type of golf ball you need depending on your style of play and your level. You will also know what types of tees exist and what advantages they have compared to wooden ones.

Did you notice that usually a single golf glove is used? In this section we will also show you why it is played like this and what type of glove you need for each situation. We will see the different styles of golf shoes that are available in the market and we will tell you what kinds of shoes are prohibited on the golf course so you do not have any surprises.

Finally, we will talk about the golf clothes allowed in the golf clubs and we will let you know about the latest offers so you can get the most exclusive clothes at the best price.

Imagine walking your favorite golf course with a huge bag on your back that you do not need. This has happened to us and we do not want it to happen to you. Therefore, in this section we will show you the criteria that you must take into account when buying your next golf bag. This will depend on your way of moving in the field and the amount of sticks and accessories that you like to carry.