How to Prepare For the First Day of Preschool? A Guide for Parents

The first day of Dural early childhood centre is exciting for both parents and children, especially for pre-schoolers. Of course, sending your child to an early childhood education centre is not an easy decision. You and your children might be anxious and stressed about the separation. It is quite normal, and you are not alone. We agree that it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for both of you with mixed emotions.

That’s why we, Dural childrens centre, wanted to help you and here is your guide on how to prepare for the first day of preschool. Learn what you can do to make this transition from home to day care Dural successful.

Preschool preparation

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself and your kid for the first day of school, and here are they:-

Pretend and play

This is one of the best ways to prepare your child for new journey. Take turns being the child, parent, and teacher. Act out the most common routines your child will be doing when school starts, like waking up on time, brushing, bathing, dressing, eating, waving good-bye, singing songs, reading stories, playing outside, and taking naps in-between. Ensue to your child that preschool is a better place where he/she will have fun while learning and can make friends. This will help your kid feel good about child care that reduces the anxiety and stress.

Read books about preschool

A lot of books on preschool are available on the market. Choose several books and read to your child before school starts. Speak about the story, characters, and how they are feeling. Also, don’t forget to ask how your child is feeling.

Visit your preschool

Touring the child care centre before the school begins can help your child to be relaxed and calm during the big day as they have already visited the place and feels safe. Take your child to the day care Dural and spend some time. Allow your kid to play in the classroom and ground as it could increase your child’s comfort and confidence in the new setting.

Be positive

See, children’s tend to pick up all the habits from home. Of course, you are stressed about the new setting, the safety of the kid, and separation. But, make sure it doesn’t affect your child. Be strong and positive so that your child will be calm and relaxed in the new setting, knowing that it’s a safe place for them. Do not run back to your child if you hear your child crying. If you do so, it sends the message that he/she is okay and safe when you are around. So, resist the rescue and control your emotions.

Trust us; the first of preschool is always harder for both children and parents. But, it things will get normal, and your child will love to attend the preschool. All you need is little patience to handle both of your emotions.