What are the elements of a federal resume?

What are the elements of a federal resume

The federal resume is a resume which is required by the applicant to submit for a job in the Federal government of USA. Just like a traditional resume, you must include your qualifications and educational achievements in this resume also. In addition to it, if you have served the government or army or any other voluntary organizations in the past, then make a mention of it on your resume. A federal resume must be updated in accordance with government policies and their procedures for hiring candidates, which means that you must know the mandated changes as per rules of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

An applicant must redesign his resume so that it complies according to the core elements that are required by the government agencies, which may also include the unique aspects of each job description. It should also give information about your qualifications, experience, certifications, education, and any other relevant data. In addition to that, the header must contain a section about your personal data such as your name, citizenship, contact information, Veterans Preference, as well as employment history with any federal agency(as applicable). If you think this is too much for you to write and draft then you can always take help from companies providing federal resume writing service. These companies are professional and expert in the field of federal resume writing.

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Overall, a federal resume should contain the following categories of information:

  • Job history – most of the federal resume writing service professional will stress on this aspect of the resume to a great extent. You must list your experience that is relevant to the job description. You must start with the most recent experience followed by the others. If you have any military career history then does mention that in detail. Mention your role titles, company name, and a description of each job preferably in a tabular format so that the reviewer knows about your daily responsibilities. You must highlight the most outstanding achievements by making it bold or italics. You must also mention the start and end date of your job, salary, hours of work per week, references and proper contact information related to each job.
  • Education – after your job history the main section to include is your educational qualifications and the certifications that you have done. Also include your credit hours, GPA, date of degree completion, any awards that you may have got. For certifications make a mention of the granting institute or authority of Government.

Include other details such as summary, nationality, contact information, projects etc. That is included in a traditional resume also.