Pacific West Academy for Training

The PWA is a training institute which is focussed on creating better individuals who will be fit to protect the people under any circumstances. Often we see celebrities, politicians, and other well-known people with guards. They are called off as security people and none gives importance to how they are selected. Just like any other job, personal security is also a career option for many people including veterans from armed forces. This is easily provided by the Pacific West Academy which has expertise in providing training to those who are interested in the security field. The people who attend the training will, at the end of the course get certificates which will help them to land in many jobs. Also, it is important for the people to obtain a bodyguard license so that they can be free to apply in any of the institutes. The academy’s main aim is to educate the people with all the concepts and make them experts. By doing so, they will be able to face any executive positions. This firm was first formed in 2012. Since then, they have been looking at the demands of the people for the job and many alterations were made to match it with the same.

About the training program:

All the people who have enrolled in the training program will be given the schedule. All the programs and courses will happen at the right time and it is important for the people to attend all the courses so as to get the expert completion certificate and bodyguard license at the end of the course period. The instructor is extremely experienced and has all the expertise in the subject. To help others, they have created a 104-hour course schedule that will assist the people to understand from scratch. The training course comprises of the following;

  • 12-day Comprehensive Security Training: It is a course created especially for those who are the new entrants. They will be explained about the fundamental concepts with practical exercises. It also helps them to understand all the basic needs of the job.
  • 33-day Certified Executive Security Specialist: This for all those people who are interested to try in the private security industry. They will be under extensive training for 33 days which will be supervised by experts in the field.

Why choose the academy?

There are several reasons to choose this PWA than others. They give out;

  • Services at an affordable cost.
  • High-quality state of the art facilities.
  • Have qualified instructors.
  • Accredited by many reputed organizations.

Any person can enroll for the courses at any time of the year as it will be open throughout. Once they are enrolled, the team will contact the person for further process. All the information and details regarding the schedule are given on the website which is free to visit.