Education And Its Importance

Education is one of the fundamental needs of every human being. It is very important to us as it helps us to live a better life, more importantly bravely in a social well-being. Education mainly involves gathering information about the surrounding world, if a person is educated, he can achieve all goals in his life.

Overall, education is a wealth of an individual, which cannot be stolen by others and it is the investment for a complete life because a well-educated person has more opportunities in job fields, to earn money and to lead a happy and independent life. Over the past few decades, education has brought a lot of changes in conveying teaching to the students. There are many schools and colleges established with the different boards of education, namely CBSE, ICSE, State boards, etc.

There are different sources and different levels of education. At every level, we come across many new things. It is also believed that education helps in developing the one’s potential and also helps in strengthening the individual’s intellectual, physical and emotional levels. This is the only tool, which helps us make all our dreams come true. Both school and college play a vital role in providing the basic framework for all students. Compared to past, education has given even more important in today’s generation. There are many reasons for its importance.

Here the main reasons for the importance of education.

  • Helps in analyzing while making life decisions.
  • We will know what is happening around us by reading the newspaper.
  • We can learn different languages and can travel and live in any corner of the world.
  • Through this education, we can read, write and can also easily communicate with others.
  • By educating oneself, an individual can earn and calculate his own daily wages and can live independently.

As per the new rule made by the government on the issue of education, every child in our country should be educated. Many schools are providing free schooling for poor children, with the midday meal program and along with this rule, the government has made a law against the child labour, so every child should be educated and make our country India, richest in education and qualification. The CISCE board has provided all special and necessary arrangements for all handicapped candidates, both in providing education and helping them in clearing their ICSE and ISC Examination.

There is no end to learning, as it is the gain of knowledge and anyone can receive knowledge until the last breath of the life. Therefore, education is only one thing that can remove unemployment, corruption, and environmental issues in our country. Education not only means, studying, writing exams and getting the degree from well-recognized universities. It helps us to stand on our own feet.

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