How Can I Help My Toddler With Separation Anxiety?

Toddler With Separation Anxiety

It is heart throbbing when your toddler cries or clings tight around your neck when you leave them at the day care and try to head out of the door. Almost every parent who has left a toddler with the caregiver has gone through this screams and outbursts. This happens because of separation anxiety as your toddler does not understand the sense of time and when you will return back to pick them. Here are some tips from the staff of Highgate childcare centre that will help you understand about separation anxiety to help your little one.

● Quick Good-byes – Even if your mind doesn’t allow you to move from the childcare Highgate, keep your good-bye short and sweet. When you stand there waving at your child, it will increase the transition time, so does the separation anxiety. So, give a kiss, wave a bye and leave the place.

● Begin with Short Separations – Practice leaving the kid at the kindergarten Highgate for a short time. You can start by waving a goodbye, leave the place and return as soon as the child stops crying. Short absences will help the toddler understand that you will always return and get used to the separations. You can gradually extend the timings. But always remember that you must return back only after the child stops crying. If you return while the child is crying he’ll think that of a better strategy to bring you back.

● Allow the child to have her comfort object – You can give her something that she’ll find comfort with, like scarf, toy, sweets etc., to take with her to the Highgate childcare centre. Don’t be startled if she throws them on the floor when you leave. She might cry for a while and pick up her comfort object soon.

● Manage your Emotions – Never leave your child with tears on your eyes. When your kid notices this, it is sure to upset them. If getting separated from your child causes anxiety in you, it is good to discuss with a counsellor who will help you come out of the situation.


● Discuss with the teacher or caregiver – As a parent it is hard to be at ease if you don’t know the person with whom you are entrusting your child with. So, it is better to have a discussion with the teacher and understand about how they handle separation anxiety. Also stay in touch with the caregiver/teacher by having frequent brief chats regarding your child’s progress in schools. Particularly, send notes of appreciation and let her know how much you appreciate the positive progresses that you are witnessing in your child’s life.

These are just a few tips that can help ease your child’s separation anxiety. Don’t worry too much about this, as your child will gradually understand that you will be back to pick her up and blend with the childcare soon.