How to build a career in biotechnology

Are you interested in pursuing a BTech biotechnology degree? We help you with the details.

Biotechnology is a fascinating and emerging field to build a career in, especially if your interests lie in the application of technology in biology. A course in biotechnology shows how you can apply technology to help research and improve human health.

Understanding Biotechnology

This branch of studies focusses on the area of health and medicine with the use of life sciences and living organisms.

  • The term ‘Biotechnology’ comes from the Greek words ‘Bios’ and ‘Technikos’ where the former means life while the latter refers to human skills and knowledge.
  • Biotechnology courses in India cover the various aspects of biology, including genetics and molecular biology among others, and the application of several technologies.
  • Biotechnology is important because its application helps the world to live better. With a BTech Biotechnology degree, you can work to offer the world solutions in better food technology, food preservations, fighting diseases, energy and environmental conservation, etc. This discipline has already helped the world gain significant breakthroughs in better living conditions, advanced agriculture, healthy food, clean environment etc.
  • ABTech biotechnology degree is a highly respected career option, and the course is much sought after in today’s world.
  • Biotechnology, as such, is a rather broad term. Under the same, biotechnology courses will help you build your career in biotechnology, food technology, biomedical engineering, forensic sciences, nutrition and diet, biochemistry and microbiology.

Biotechnology Courses

Whether you choose to pursue a BTech Biotechnology or a BSc Biotechnology degree will depend on your career goals and interests. While the former lays emphasis on technical aspects, the latter is more research-oriented. The subjects taught in the biotechnology courses while studying for either degree remains more or less similar. A BTech Biotechnology degree focusses more on Physics and Mathematics, while a BSc degree is Biology-centred.

A four-year-long undergraduate programme inBTech Biotechnology is spread across eight semesters. The biotechnology courses will include a combination of rigorous theory and practical sessions in labs.

The initial semesters of BTech Biotechnology studies will cover basic engineering concepts while in the advanced stages, subjects like Molecular Biology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Genetics, Food Science etc. will delve deeper into the discipline.

Research, projects and industry training form a critical part of biotechnology courses.

To be eligible for BTech Biotechnology studies, you will have to clear your 10+2 with a minimum of 60% aggregate score with English, Chemistry and Maths or Biology as the core subjects.

Career Prospects

After obtaining a BTech Biotechnology degree from top engineering universities, one can look at pursuing a Master’s degree or a PhD. Nonetheless, the degree holder will realise soon that there are ample of opportunities in various industries. Biotechnology graduates find employment in both public and private institutions in industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, environment etc. It is an extremely rewarding career option from a financial perspective as well.