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lesson plans for kindergarten

Lesson plans provide a great number of benefits. The secret to being a successful educator in terms of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and being passionate about the work you do all comes down to planning. Devoting enough time to planning can really benefit you in the weeks and months ahead as well as provide valuable learning experiences to your students that meets their needs.

Newly qualified and substitute teachers can walk into a classroom feeling more confident knowing that the required materials have been provided for, questions and their correct answers are readily available and the exact qualities you expect in a good piece of work that meets the outcomes will be explicitly listed. There’s no doubt that relaxed teachers lead to calmer classes which is often a challenge for visiting teachers who are walking into unknown routines and expectations for the day.

In addition, lesson plans for kindergarten can be a game-changer as many unexpected events can occur when teaching little ones and they have a shorter attention span, meaning that the content you teach needs to be well prepared, clear, engaging, and short. Often, teachers can get caught up in teaching new skills they go overtime which can cause lessons to become less effective if they are too long. A good lesson plan will allow you to consider the most important skills students will learn, high-quality examples to use and to manage time effectively.

Here is one of our latest lesson plan for English that requires no preparation time, includes all learning materials and is clear and easy to teach.

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