Taking online classes on cyber attack

Taking online classes

 One of the most critical concerns confronting organizations and consumers is cybersecurity. Statistics on cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, data theft, fraud, and identity theft are growing increasingly worrisome year after year. Along with the rise in online crime, people are becoming more interested in understanding how to safeguard themselves and their businesses. One can take a cyber attack course to try and manage these cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Training

Software Engineers’ Courses in Cybersecurity

Without further ado, let’s dig into some of the top courses to master Cybersecurity fundamentals and modern technology to combat online risks such as tracking, privacy, malware, and other types of security flaws.

  1. The Full Cyber Security Course

On Udemy, this is one of the complete courses for learning Cyber Security. Nathan House, the lecturer, is a Cyber Security expert and the CEO of StationX, a Cyber Security firm. This extremely well-structured course covers fundamental and advanced topics in Cyber Security and online dangers. You will learn about encryption, how data is transported from one host to another via the internet, and how it can be stolen and altered.

  1. Coursera’s Cybersecurity Specialization

You may not be aware, but the University of Maryland offers an excellent beautiful course to master Cyber Security through Coursera, the CyberSecuritySpecialisation. The Cybersecurity Specialization teaches the fundamental concepts behind the design of secure systems, from hardware to software to the human-computer interface, using cryptography to protect interactions.

  1. Network Security: The Complete Cyber Security Course!

This is the second installment of Nathan House’s Cyber Security course on Udemy. He covers Network Security, WiFi Security, Firewalls, Wireshark, Secure Networking, Password Managers, and other network security principles in this section. This course is intended for individual and household cybersecurity, privacy, and anonymity. The majority of the topics apply to businesses in the same way. However, the course is taught as if to an individual for personal cybersecurity, privacy, and anonymity.


  1. Basics of Cybersecurity [Codecademy]

If you like CodeCademy, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve recently developed a free Cyber Security interactive course where you can learn important Cyber Security concepts in a fun and entertaining way. In this free Cyber Security course, you will master the fundamental concepts required to recognize and defend against typical cyber risks and assaults. You will also learn network security fundamentals and how to recognize typical cyber threats such as malware and phishing.


It makes sense to keep learning about cyber security and internet security in today’s online world when everything relating to you—including your bank accounts, health information, and personal details—is available online. This is because you can probably prevent something you know, but you can never avoid something you don’t know.