Top 10 Guidelines for Accountancy Project Class 12


In commerce, Accountancy is a subject that gives students an overall view of a business’s financial transaction. In class 12 board exams, the total marks assigned for this subject is 100, out of which 20 marks are assigned for project work. It is extremely important to achieve a total of 20 marks in Accountancy Project Class 12 as it will help students to increase their overall marks in their board exam.

Hence, it is important to keep a few points in mind before starting the project. The essential guidelines for preparation and submission of Accountancy Project Class 12 are mentioned below.

1. Table of Content should be handwritten:

The students should remember that the project table of content should be handwritten and not printed and typed.

2. Neat and Clear Handwriting:

Handwritten content should be neat and clearly visible. A neat presentation can score good marks.

3. Present the Project in Folder:

While submitting the project make sure it is neatly attached to the or a spiral bound.


4. File Format:

The complete project must be in a file format.

5. Paper Size:

The complete project should be written and submitted on A4 size paper.

6. Write Only on One Side of the Page:

All the project notes should be written on one side and not on the blank.


Leave few margins on the Top, bottom, right, and left of the page.


Each and every page should be numbered.


All the figures and tables must be aligned centrally and labeled with number and title.

In the graphical representation, the axis should be visibly labeled.


  1. The cover page must have the Project title, student information, school and year.
  2. Acknowledgment.
  3. Certificate.
  4. Table of contents.
  5. Introduction and Topic with a suitable heading.
  6. Newspaper clippings (If Any)
  7. Conclusions (summary of the project)
  8. Bibliography.
  9. Teachers Observation and Remarks.

The above-mentioned guideline can help you achieve the 20 marks in Accountancy Project Class 12.  For more information in Accountancy project, MCQs, and Accountancy Sample Paper Class 12 stay tuned to BYJU’S.