Top 5 ways to promote your online course in 2021

Online Courses have been on the rise the whole of 2020. If you are reading it, you are associated with course creation as well. If you have launched your courses or planning to launch it, this blog tells you the Top 5 ways to promote your online course in 2021.

5 ways to promote your online course in 2021

Use testimonials on the landing page

One of the greatest social proof is Testimonials. While building your promotional activities, including social proof. If you are not doing that, you’re missing out on massive engagement and interaction. This would have helped you in conversion.

Marketing while providing social proof is a great way to build trust factor & credibility. In your learners’ eyes, try to establish credibility better than what other course creators on your niche have been doing. Hence, it becomes crucial to showcase testimonials on your landing page. Your prospective customers would go through those testimonials and validate the genuineness of your online courses.

Guest blogging

Dwelling into the content marketing bit with blogs. This is another thing that absolutely works while promoting your online courses. In order to bring website traffic on your website, guest blogging would work. This is where guest blogging would help you grow while increasing your website traffic. It would be great to create a permanent digital trail which leads back to your website. This helps you not with just ranking higher but also in establishing credibility.

Along with this, you can provide free quality content. The audience will eventually convert. If you sell courses via Spayee, the blog section is already provided. Alternatively, you can link your blogging website with course platform.

Creating a mini-course

This won’t be easy & would take real efforts from your side. But, rest assured, it’s well worth it. It would give a taste of your product to your prospects & would hugely promote it. Before making a purchase decision, there won’t be many doubts in their mind.

The value that you provide via mini-course would be extremely helpful to your learners. If that’s what its worth, mini-course helps the creator in showing the depth of the topic. The goal should be to educate your learners while making them realise that they know so little about a subject. This will create curiosity & your course sales will increase.

Offer discounts

Whenever a new person comes to the field, they look for massive value while spending money. Let’s not rule out the fact that thousands of educators are already selling what you are selling. Hence, if you keep your value intact, providing a discount would only help. Giving a discount acts like providing a bit more of a value quotient.

While launching a new course, or on fewer occasions give discounts & create hype around it. At the same time, don’t bombard your learners with discounts often, or it will lose its value. Discounts would also help in spreading FOMO among prospects while building curiosity. People wouldn’t want to miss out on these deals. Discounts would help in spreading the word around which is a killer promotion strategy. This would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Establish thought leadership

Platforms like Quora, Pinterest and Reddit are the top platforms which work wonders while establishing thought leadership. These mentioned platforms are extensively problem-solving oriented. Thought leadership could be easily done by leveraging these platforms. Take notice of what are the doubts of your target audience, answer questions, as well as take queries. This would show you as an expert in your field. Establishing credibility with this while creating trust in the eyes of the user helps is a massive online course promotion.