BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 1 Guide

Today the usages of computers have become an integral part of learning in every school. Hence learning to use the keyboard by typing efficiently is very important. This allows the student use computers competently. Hence it is very important to learn the kill of typing correctly and accurately with appropriate technique. Now the question arises what is the best age to start teaching students the keyboarding techniques? There are institutions where keyboarding is taught only after grade 4 or 5 but there are certain schools who teach typing as early as grade 2. At such a tender age when children are much fickle minded the methods to teach them should be fun enough to sustain their interests. One such software is called the Dance Mat Typing a very good children friendly typing program. It consists of various stages with the first one being bbc dance mat typing level 1. The whole program is designed to make the process interesting and fun for children. Learn more about the program here.

The typing program consists of four levels in totality with three stages in each level. The interface is quiet child friendly with animated animal teachers guiding the kids through each of the levels. It is very easy to use and fun to learn with appealing graphics and sounds that sustain the Childs interest. The animated animal characters are designed to guide you through the complete course by helping with finger placing. For example they tell which finger to be placed while typing a particular letter. The program does not require any signing up or registration and is 100% free. Of all the four levels the first one is about developing accuracy and learning to use fingers correctly. The bbc dance mat typing level 1 comprises of two stages 1 and 2 consisting of warm up and exercise sessions as well.

Stage 1 of Level 1 consists of finger positioning with the home keys which consists of a, s, d on the left side and k, l on the right side. These keys form the basic foundation of all the other levels that are to follow. The keys are positioned in such a way that left fingers sit upon a, s, d and the right fingers sit upon k, l with the thumb on the space bar. There is an animated goat that acts a teacher or a guide in this level. Once you get accustomed to using the home keys Mr. Goat provides a practice session. If you successfully pass the level there is a background music as well that praises your accomplishment. The stage two of the level 1 consists of a review of the previous learnings and then moving on to the use of e and i key with left and right hand respectively. The stage like the previous one also includes test exercises that include all the learnings one has acquired till know. The level wraps up with stage 3 that gives an introduction to the r and u keys.