VIVI Screen Mirroring Technology for Interactive Learning Environment

VIVI Screen Mirroring Technology for Interactive Learning Environment

Technology cannot be useful if it does not have an impact on the learning system. For this reason, system developers are working tirelessly to ensure that they harness full benefits of technology in the education sector. This has been made possible through the creation of possibilities such as wireless solutions that assist teachers and tutors in class. For instance, platforms Creating Interactive Learning Spaces have been developed to assist teachers and students in classwork. These interactive spaces for learning are made possible by the availability of wireless presentation solutions which are playing a vital role in improving the performance of the present classroom. This kind of technology allows teachers to use digital devices to present the lessons without the use of cables and plugs. They also help in creating an interactive environment for learning by creating an enabling environment for students to share their assignments and work as well as collaborating with peers. The challenge of implementing wireless solutions for presentations arise in choosing the right screen for that purpose. When it comes to selecting a good screen, one must consider the specifications, cost, and the operating system and many devices to be used with the screen. With all these factors to consider choosing a screen for interactive learning purpose becomes a daunting exercise. However, the VIVI screen mirroring is a technology that provides a solution to the challenge of finding the right screen for your interactive learning environment.

The screen mirroring technology

This technology transforms your class into a collaborative learning space which is interactive for students and the teacher. It is a wireless presentation solution that helps in Creating Interactive Learning Spaces giving teachers all the freedom to move around the classrooms without any restrictions or requirements of addressing the students from the front. It also increases the engagement of the students during the lessons thus making the learning session more interactive.

Creating Interactive Learning Spaces

The best example of screen mirroring technology used in an interactive learning environment is the VIVI, wireless presentation technology. With this technology, students are able to present ideas to the class with permission from the teacher or tutor. This feature allows students to have quick feedback from the teacher and their peers. The collaboration provides for an opportunity to achieve confidence in classwork and attaining the learning objectives and outcomes.

Advantages of using wireless presentation solutions in class

The main advantage of such solutions is that they help in Creating Interactive Learning Spaces which is very important in the 21st-century classroom. It makes it easier to switch class dominance between the teacher and the students. It also creates a collaborative learning environment where students are encouraged to develop communication skills, and ability to cooperate with their peers. It also allows the teacher to move around the class thus eliminating the restriction of teachers addressing students only from the front of the class. It also empowers the students through the sharing of ideas and negotiating in various subjects. It also provides teachers with a central point from which they can manage their classes and assign specific roles to students as the portal admins. From the portal, the teachers can also identify the dormant and the active students and make sound decisions on how to improve the overall class performance.