3 ways in which a Hindi to English dictionary can help you to improve your English-speaking skills

In today’s time, it has become vital for people to understand and speak the English language. Earlier, English was not given much importance, and people were more comfortable expressing in their native language or mother tongue. India is a developing country and is well adapting to the western culture. The corporate, as well as the business culture both, are increasing and growing at a rapid pace. With the expansion of businesses and globalization, it has become important for people to know the English language.

It is difficult to keep up with this extensive growing culture as it is and when you lack behind in a specific language, it gets more challenging. There are a number of ways in which you can improve your vocabulary and English speaking skills. A large number of students even today struggle in writing paragraphs without spelling and grammatical mistakes. This article is for people who know that their English is weak and they are willing to improve it but not sure where to start from. A Hindi to English dictionary can be your best friend in such a situation, mentioned below are three ways in which it can be beneficial for you:

You get to learn something new every day

Now, many people in India have studied in a Hindi medium school and have grown up talking in Hindi.You must be well versed with all the words in Hindi but translating the same word in English can be a challenging task.  Not only for people who are from Hindi medium but the majority of the population will fail to translate a word or sentence from one language to another irrespective of how fluent they are in both the languages. Using a dictionary can help you stay away from bad translation. A word can have different meanings in different context, so whenever you come across a new English word make sure you check its meaning in the translating dictionary. This will give you clarity, and the next time you hear the same word, it will help you in understanding the meaning more clearly.

A bilingual dictionary is helpful in the initial stage

When you are new to a language, it is always a better option to opt for a dictionary that helps you in understanding the word in your native language. This way you can follow the context better.

Suppose, you come across a word say “evaluate,” now when you check the meaning in an English to English dictionary you will find meanings like “form an idea of the number,” ‘assess,” etc. Did it help in making you understand the meaning of “evaluate”? Not really. Now switch to a bilingual dictionary and find the meaning. Understanding the meaning in your mother tongue language will help you remember it for a long time.

Spelling. Grammar. Pronunciation.

A good dictionary will not only help you with the meanings and definitions of the word but will also write the word in a way that you can make out how to pronounce the word. These English to Hindi dictionary are also available on the internet, and they have sound recordings reading different words in a different accent. Do not forget that knowing the meaning of the word and using it in a sentence are two different things. A good dictionary will have plenty of example sentences.

English is the most common language used in the world and knowing a language which is used by almost every person can make it easy for you to communicate and express your thoughts and ideas more clearly.