Average GRE scores for top MBA programs at business schools

There is a common question asked by applicants whether they should opt for GMAT or GRE. The answer is very common that it depends on whether a student wants to get enrolled in an MBA programme or MS. If you are thinking of pursuing an MBA degree it is better to take the GMAT score. But if you have already taken up GRE and need to know the comparison of your GRE scores, with average scores of GRE from top business schools, the list is here having average GRE scoreboard having a list of major MBA programs in topmost business schools.

It is necessary to have GRE to GMAT convertor system through which you can compare the numbers neck to neck.

Average GRE results of topmost business schools

Harvard Business School has an average GRE score of 328 and verbal GRE scores of 163.

Stanford Business School has an average GRE score of 330 and verbal GRE scores of 165.

Wharton Business School has an average GRE score of 325 and verbal GRE scores of 163.

Yale Business School has an average GRE score of 328 and verbal GRE scores of 165.

Darmouth Business School has an average GRE score of 324 and verbal GRE scores of 163.

Duke Business School has an average GRE score of 319 and verbal GRE scores of 160.

Virginia Business School has average GRE score of 328 and verbal GRE scores of 164.

Why are GRE results important?

Proper GRE results that help you to get accepted within the graduate degree programme of your choice of subject. With this, you can score well in GRE. It always depends on the program of study and the field as well. Good GRE scores are necessary for graduate degrees in various education programs, various programs in engineering, psychology programs and also in MBA studies. There are lots of business schools that accept GRE results in place of GMAT results.

The major portion of GRE is verbal as well as a quantitative aptitude test. Do get the bestGRE resultsin the vocabulary you need to know words and sentences for which reading and writing comprehensions and passages is necessary. The more you know new words and can frame sentences with it, the more range of vocabulary you possess which will benefit you while the GRE vocabulary exam thus leading you to score well here.

Why is it necessary to have an average GRE score?

It is important to know that verbal GRE and Quantitative sections in GRE need to have scores between 140 to 170, where the average score is between 150 to 160 approximately. The analytical writing section is equally important too and needs you to have a score between zero to six,including some half points as increments. The average hits will be around 4.5. with these average GRE score; you get the opportunity to compete with the majority of students coming from various corners of the globe.

GRE is not at all an easy task to perform. For this, at least to score average, you need to have a lot of study materials at hand and revise them regularly even if when you are relaxing or sipping your coffee. The qualitative and quantitative tests are used to determine your IQ levels and though the questions seem to appear easy, they have twist in the tale.

Visit libraries and indulge yourself in lot of vocabs to get a good hold on your knowledge whether it is general knowledge or subject studying. If you have work experience, you might have some practical knowledge too but then, you need to have book knowledge to know the exact theories of studies to have best GRE results.