Four reasons why diploma courses are better than earning a degree

Four reasons why diploma courses are better than earning a degree

It is a very important life choice for a person to choose between a diploma over a degree course that requires a lot of thinking, and good decision making by weighing up all the facts in mind because the job market is rapidly changing where vocational education is now more suitable and practical to accomplish and start a viable career than a degree will provide to a person.

If you are in a middle of making a big decision about your studies, and you are caught in between taking up a diploma course or a degree course, regardless of your decision, your drive is a good way to motivate yourself that will surely pave a good road to your career.

It does not matter if you finish a secondary level of schooling or looking for a first logical step to your journey in your career. There are even some professionals out there who want to take a new path for their career by taking up diploma courses to further enhance their skills.

If you want to take up a diploma course but still you are unsure of it, here are some reasons that might convince you to enroll according to inspire education Australia.

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    1. Lands you a job a lot faster- Diploma courses out there can provide you a job right away considering that majority of vocational schools are tied up or have an existing partnership with corporations for manpower resources once the students have graduated from taking up their courses compared to majority of university degrees that focus on theory-based knowledge that will surely take a lot of years to study, and also will not guarantee you the career or the position that you want.
    2. You are more valued and get hired right away- Currently, there is a shortage of vocational education graduates in the workforce in many sectors or industries in Australia. The skill shortage in Australia already ensures that when you complete a diploma course under a vocational education program, you are very valuable to many employers who are looking for a skilled worker. There is some research has proven that there is roughly eighty percent of vocational education training course graduates are employed right after they finished their courses and they were able to find jobs that exceed the number of the jobs that are associated by Bachelor degree graduates.
  1. You can earn more even at the start of your career- Averagely, there are many people who possess certificates III or IV qualifications in Australia that earns more than $3,000-AUD more than an average Bachelor degree graduate in their first year after they finished their vocational course study.

4.      Faster completion of courses- On average, degree courses takes up to three to four years to complete, while diploma courses’ longest period of study can only reach two years or even less while majority of diploma courses can be completed within a year because of its practical nature where you spend most of your time learning and finishing assignments that are mainly about your job and your profession that you will be using once you are already part of the workforce.