Get to Know More About Boston University

There is usually lots of pressure placed on choosing a college because of the impact it is said to have in your life. Given this, it is no easy feat and requires much time thinking and considering before you can ultimately make a choice. Usually, you would consider different factors.

For some, factors maybe after the degree program, while for others, this may be their dream campus. If you were the latter, you probably give more importance to the university campus as it will be your home for the next few years. Various universities have unique aspects to offer, but the choice ultimately lies on you.

Boston University (BU) is known to be one of the US’ largest universities. The campus is divided in two; the main Charles River Campus and the Boston University Medical Campus. The school has been around since 1839 and has since become home to tens of thousands of students. It ranked 40 in the national university rankings of the US News & World Report. It is also one of the three universities in Boston and Cambridge that belongs to the Association of American Universities.

 What’s In Store for You in Boston University?

 BU offers a wide range of academic programs ranging from the arts and sciences to engineering, business, and many more. The campus provides several avenues for students to engage in the arts, athletics, and fitness and recreation. The university’s website highlights this and allows you to look through their activities and facilities such as the theater, performance center, intramurals, and many others. With that said, a complete BU campus tour may still show you more of what’s really in store for you should you decide to attend Boston University.

Focus on Sustainability

 BU has also placed importance on the environment through its sustainability program, which aims to do continuous research to contribute to the environment and human welfare. The university likewise tries to engage its students and faculty by encouraging them to support its goal of reducing the school’s environmental footprint.

In BU, sustainability is not merely a practice but a movement. It allows students to participate in this movement by being a student sustainability leader, exploring clubs, or even joining the Earth House.

Although the program is still in its early stages, the university has already taken steps towards its goal for sustainability. It is currently undertaking several campus initiatives to promote sustainable actions among students and faculty members. Immersing yourself into the school through a BU campus tour will allow you to see these initiatives firsthand.

For example, the school has incorporated sustainable practices into its infrastructure projects. The campus now houses Green Buildings such as the Myles Standish Hall and Yakeway Center for Student Services. Priorities with these projects include the reduction of the use of non-renewable resources and an improvement in resource efficiency of buildings and operations.

BU helps students get to know more about the school and its campus through various campus video tours that you can view from home. One of these includes a BU campus tour filmed by a student who shows a quick day in his life, highlighting his activities in different parts of the school.

Overall, BU offers lots of opportunities for learning and growth in different areas of expertise. It gives students of different interests and passions the chance to come together and build a home in its extensive campus. Even without physically visiting its campus, it is still possible to get to know more about the school. BU hosts virtual events where different members and students of the university give insights on specific topics.