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Best Essays

Knowing how to write a good essay is essential to join any higher education institution. The traditional college entrance exams often require the candidate to write an essay -argumentative essay to assess his or her written verbal ability. A visit to makes this perfect.

Here’s a list of top tips on how to write good writing and avoid the most common mistakes.

Thetips for Doing Good in Writing

Writing Structure

You should not just put ideas on paper, but rather organize them according to the required writing structure.

  • Essay writing is a model in which we express our opinion by ordering ideas on a certain topic.
  • Argumentative text aims to convince the reader about our opinion through arguments.
  • Argumentative writing is a text in which, at the same time, explains the theme, shows the author’s arguments and presents a conclusion or final solution.

Argumentative writing

The essay-argumentative writing model is the most requested by the institutions and should have three essential parts / steps:

  1. Introduction

Present the subject that will be discussed or argued in the text. Usually exposed in just one paragraph.

Best Essays

  1. Development

It can be elaborated in 3 paragraphs with convincing and true arguments and counterarguments.

  1. Conclusion

Use a paragraph to answer or complete the introduction by summarizing the ideas. It is a summary of the dissertation.

This done, gather in an organized way all the knowledge and experience you have on the subject. Always remember that references that go beyond the proposal text collection are highly valued.

Be very careful with mastering the standard Portuguese language standard. The correction of the UFRGS is quite quantitative, that is, each mistake is accounted for. So, before you move the essay to the official sheet, make that smart review!

Escape the clichés, especially the ready-made sentences that circulate on the Internet, and the far-fetched terms out of context with the sole intention of trying to make the text “beautiful” (but not!).

And most importantly, remember that everything you have studied will not escape your head. Trust your preparation and save some New Year’s champagne to pop when the approved list comes out.

The subject of writing is always a mystery, so you have to be connected to current affairs to be prepared for what is charged on the test. Chances are you have already produced some texts and over time have improved further. Learn some tips that will help you in this final stretch of studies. What is not worth is discouraging. Keep producing essays. Merge your productions into themes that have affinity and themes you do not know so much (search articles, articles on the subject to have more particularity with the theme).